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Richard W. Brounley, P.E., RF Engineering Consultant
Education and Professional Activity
1. BSEE, University of Cincinnati.
2. Registered Professional Engineer State of Florida.
3. Formed Brounley Engineering, Inc. 1968.
4. Complete RF Engineering development laboratory.
5. Production facilities for small quantity pilot runs.

Engineering Experience

1. The design of high efficiency solid-state RF Laser Generators in the 13.56 MHz to 130 MHz frequency range with power levels up to 10 KW. VSWR characterization of RF amplifiers for operation into mismatched loads and optimization for best striking between the RF Generator and Laser.

2. The design of high efficiency solid-state Plasma and ICP Generators at 13.56, 27.12 and 40.68 MHz for power levels up to 5kw.

3. The design of high-power combiners, dividers, filters, modulators, matching circuits, pin-diode switches, oscillators and other related circuits.

4. The design of various control circuits used to control and protect solid-state amplifiers from failure into mismatched loads.

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